George, 69, of Rockville Centre, NY, a retired chef and culinary instructor, was at the gym with his wife and in the midst of his usual workout routine. Suddenly, he felt an intense pain rip through the center of his chest. He became dizzy and started sweating profusely. Soon after, his world went dark. George had suffered a massive heart attack, a kind known as a “widow maker” due to its high death rate. George was rushed to Mount Sinai South Nassau’s emergency department. For 16 days after, George lay in the critical care unit, unconscious and on a respirator and his wife, Pamela, sat by his bedside. On day 17, he woke up and found Pamela at his bedside. “I died,” George said to Pamela. “I know you did,” Pam responded. Learn how the team at Mount Sinai South Nassau saved George’s life.